geforce 1070 for ethereum mining


Last week we looked at more than a dozen AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to see what the best GPU was . The NVIDIA GTX had really good hashrate performance with us showing 27 MH/s in stock form.

When the speed and latency of the memory subsystem is the most important piece of the silicon. That is why the mighty NVIDIA GTX 1080 with GDDR5X doesn’t perform as well as the lower priced GTX when it comes to Ether.

That being said, how good is it for ? In this article I’m going to review the GTX and how it performs using different overclocking configurations, as well as I’ll compare their stats depending on the

I’ve been for the past week or so using an Nvidia GTX . Expensive GPU, but it’s silent in operationruns very quite. In this post, I’ll share with you the hashrate I’ve been getting since I started .

This is the best hardware configuration that can the following coins / altcoins: (ETH), Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), PascalCoin (PASC), Decred (DCR)

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